Year 5 – Thursday 26th March


Let’s do something different. Find your 10-minute weekly workouts book. These are quite a nice mixture of grammar and a piece of reading or writing. As they’re only meant to take 10 minutes, I think you can do 2. So complete Autumn Term Workouts 1 and 2 and them mark them using the answers at the back.


Mark and correct yesterday’s work.

Unit 11 Answer Sheet

Power Maths Unit 11 Lesson today.

It’s all about writing thousandths as 0.001

Get out our Place Value Charts and find something to use as counters again.

Darwin’s Delights

Today’s work involves using animation software. If you can’t do this at home, you could do a piece of art or sculpture based on yesterday’s sketches to show what you think humans might look like in the future.

Step 4) Use your sketches from yesterday to decide which features of a human are going to evolve. Search online for appropriate images to use. If you have any photo editing software you could edit a photo to show your evolved human. Maybe a human with extra long thumbs for using phones more quickly. A human with extra eyes so they can look at their phone whilst looking around.

Step 5) Use morphing software to make the adaptations you have planned. Maybe use to morph from a picture of you into your evolved future self. If you have other morphing apps try using those instead.

Step 6) Look at your morphed images and watch back your animations. Make any necessary changes.