Year 3 + 4 – Making Cereal Bars

As part of this half term’s Creativity Topic “Scrumdiddlyumptious”, we have conducted our own Enterprise project, designing and making a Cereal Bar.  We conducted market research and taste tested existing products that are currently available in supermarkets.  With our data, we graphed our results to identify the flavours we preferred as a class.  These were:  Honey, Orange/Apricot and Raspberry/Cranberry.  In Year 4, using supermarket receipts, we also calculated how much each ingredient was to buy and divided this total by 8 (8 bars in a batch) to find a cost per bar.  We then doubled this amount to help us make a profit.  It worked out that we could sell our bars for between £0.90 and £1.70 each in order to make money.


Using or knowledge, we then worked in teams to design, adapt, and make our own Cereal Bars based on a basic Flap Jack recipe.  We carefully measured the ingredients and mixed them together observing our Health and Safety Rules


Afterwards we evaluated our product – We really enjoyed eating them!


Delicious Honey Flapjack (Group 2)

Sticky Honey Flapjack (Group 1)

Tangy Orange Flapjack (Group 2)

Fabulous Raspberry Flapjack

Zesty Orange Flapjack (Group 1)