Y1 Opal letter autumn 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

                                 Welcome to a new term at Bishop Pursglove School and to Class Opals Y1. I hope that you have had an enjoyable summer break and are looking forward to the new term.

                        This letter contains important information about what your child will be learning over the term and tells you about important routines in Class Opals Y1, so I do appreciate you taking the time to read it. Please keep it for future reference.

                        I am very excited to be teaching in Reception and Year One this year. I have a lot of experience working with infant children. I am lucky to have children of my own, so I do understand a lot of your worries! If your child is upset in the morning, my advice is drop and go! Children settle very quickly when their parents have left. We can always ring you if you want us too.

                        During the first Autumn Term our topic is ‘Childhood/Funny faces and fabulous features’. These are looking at childhood in the 1950s and comparing it to now and it works alongside an art topic looking at portraits. Look out for texts asking for things for you to bring in from home if the current situation with the virus allows this. Your child will also have daily maths, letters and sounds and English lessons. They will take part in P.E. twice a week with a sports coach and each term we will have an R.E. week where we will plan and deliver R.E. every day.

                         Year One is quite a big step up from YR. It moves away from a play-based way of learning to a more formal, sat at desks style. Some children may find this difficult at first and some children will be ready for it. All children are different! I will do my best to meet your child’s learning needs. Your child will now be working on the National Curriculum. There is a lot more to cover especially in Maths and English and we have to work at a quick pace to get through everything!

                       Our P.E. days will be Thursdays and Fridays. P.E. kit consists of a white t-shirt, dark shorts and pumps (joggers and navy jumpers for outside wear). Please ensure that every piece of kit and school uniform is labelled clearly. Because of the virus, children need to come to school in their P.E. kit on the days they have P.E. They need to make sure they have a warm top and warm joggers for going outside in. I also advise trainers as pumps can get very wet in rainy weather and they will not be able to change them. There is a jumper box in the classroom where children can leave uniform if they get too hot. P.E. kits also need to be taken home for washing.

                       Children are not to bring toys from home. We have a school toy box. This box will go out to play with the children at playtimes and will have in it balls, skipping ropes, skittles as well as other activities. We appreciate you supporting us with the children not bringing in toys from home as it causes too many problems during the school day. We also ask that children do not wear jewellery of any kind.

                       Reading books and library books will continue as last year. New library books will not be issued until old ones have been returned. We keep a record of which books the children have. It is important that books are shared at home with family and friends, not just at school. It is important for children to have a reading system in place at home, reading a book from home/library/school every night together gives your child a love of reading from their very earliest years.

                 Children may bring a drink of water with them. This can be an extra drink if they already bring a drink with a packed lunch. The drink needs to be in a child friendly container i.e. children need to be able to get the lid off by themselves. Their drinks containers must be labelled. Sandwich boxes can be left on the trolley in the corridor outside the kitchen. Squash/water only at lunchtimes. No fizzy drinks please. If you want your child to have milk at playtimes, you need to contact the milk scheme and organise this. Please remember to notify school of any allergies.

                  Reading bags and letters will be given to the children before they go home. Please check with your child that they do not have a letter in their reading bag as children are asked to put them in their bags. Children will be handed over to you when I can see the person who is collecting them. If your child is going to after school club, then please let me know. Please could you also let me know if someone different is picking up your child e.g. a friend, relative etc. as I am not permitted to let your child go home with anyone who I have not been informed about.            

              I will use the school texting service, to make you aware of additional things that are happening in class, as the year progresses or to let you know of things we are collecting for lessons.

             Mrs Jackson or Mrs Bingham will teach in class Opals Y1 on Fridays. I have my planning, preparation and assessment time then. There may be occasional times when Mrs Jackson/Mrs Bingham and I have to swap our working days around. This will not be very often and we will inform you. There may also be times when I go on courses or to meetings. Continuity for the children is most important.

                Please could you let me know if your child suffers from asthma or if there are any medical conditions that I need to be aware of. We will need you fill out forms for this and provide an inhaler for school. Please remember that if your child has sickness or diahorrea, they must be off school for 48 hours after their last bout of sickness or diahorrea.

                 Don’t forget to visit the school website during the term. I will be adding things to it over the next few weeks.

                 I hope that your child feels happy, relaxed and stimulated in Class Opals Y1 and they enjoy their time at school. If you feel at any time though, that you want to speak to me about your child, I shall always be happy to listen and discuss any of your concerns.            

                  Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I hope that your child enjoys being a member of Class Opals Y1.

                                                Yours sincerely,

                                              Amy Mallender (Mrs).