23.03.20 Home Learning this week

Please click on the links below for a word document to show each day’s learning.

Monday 23rd

Tuesday 24th

Wednesday 25th

Thursday 26th

Friday 25th

Topic work:

This is a copy of our week’s topic work in full. You may want to dedicate more time to it on one day so I thought it would be helpful at the beginning of the week!

Our topic this term has been ‘Memory Box.’ This week, follow the instructions on the innovate board to create your own memory box.

Monday: Use the cardboard box included in your pack to make your box. Paint, cover and decorate your box to make it special (steps 1 and 2).

Tuesday: Write a list of objects to go in your box, collect them and put them in (steps 4-6).

Wednesday: Write down things about your life now that you want to remember in the future. Add a name label to your box. Find a special way to store or display any photographs. (steps 7-9)

Thursday: Write about your friends. Draw them or put their photos inside the box. (Steps 10-11)

Friday: Video call or talk to a family member. Unpack your memory box with them and talk about the things you have included. Ask them to include a memory to put inside the box.

Don’t forget to share your ideas, thoughts and photographs of what you have made!