School Trips & Events

Derby Open Centre March 2016

..We made puris (fried chipatis) to accompany a chickpea curry. An authentic taste of Asian culture and judging by the clean plates it proved to be a popular recipe! After lunch the children were given a talk about what happens at an Islamic wedding and the many similarities and key difference with a Christian wedding. Everyone was then giving the chance to dress up in traditional clothing that would be worn at an Asian-Islamic wedding, then have their hands painted with a henna design, before we hopped on the bus home. We learnt lots about Islam, different cultures and allowed everyone to learn from first-hand experience about a key part of the school’s RE curriculum.

We had a fantastic day and every child was a great ambassador for the school and for Tideswell. Everyone was very respectful as they learnt about different cultures and lots of children asked some very thoughtful and thought provoking questions.