Ruby Year 4 – Monday 23rd March


I’d like you to start this week by writing me a letter. How are are you feeling about what is going on in the country and the world at the moment? What do you think about working at home? Will it be easier or more difficult than working at school? Why? What is your new “office” like?

It’s up to you how you do it. You can write it in your new writing book and maybe email me a photo of it, or type it up and email it to me. I would love to see the letters.


Please look at the Sapphire page to find out what Mr Downings would like you to do for Maths.

Darwin’s Delights

During our topic we have learnt about how natural selection means that, over time, species have evolved to suit their changing environments. Sadly, sometimes environments change so quickly that the species do not have the time to adapt.

Use websites to identify and list animal species that are at risk of extinction. Choose three animals from the list, including one each from the UK, a European region and North or South America. Find out what factors are endangering these species, such as human activity, habitat or climate change. Create a poster to inform others about the factors that are endangering the three species. Write captions that explain the importance of the species to the world as a whole.

Note: The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) website has a species directory that lists the conservation status of each animal. Even before humans were a factor, endangerment and extinction was caused by natural factors, including overspecialisation, competition, sudden climatic change and catastrophic events like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.