Ruby – Monday 23rd March

Well here we go! Welcome to our first day working in this new way. We have never done anything like this before, so we all need to help each other and be kind to each other.

If you have any questions, queries, problems or worries please ask your parent to contact me at and I will reply as soon as possible, but definitely within 24 hours.

How we do our daily lessons will change over time, as we work out better ways of doing things. In a few days, we will be moving away from this website, and into Google Classroom. When that happens, things will be a lot better because you will all be able to contact me and share your work directly through the website and I will send you details about how to login.

First, there are a couple of jobs for everyone in Ruby.

  1. Ask your parent to send me an email to so that I have a way of contacting you all. Thank you to those of you who are very organised and have already done this, you can move yourself up… (oh, maybe we don’t do that anymore!)
  • Stick up the picture of a candle (that you decorated in school) on your wall and remember that you are not on your own. We are all in this thing together and we need to find light, and shine light, in this stormy world. If you haven’t got a candle picture, please let me know and I’ll send you a blank.

Right, let’s get down to work. You only need to read the section for your year group. So go ahead and click on your year.

Year 6

Year 5

Year 4

Please let me know how it goes and keep in touch.

Mr Twelves.