Ruby Class – Stars of the Week + School Values Certificates (09.10.2020)

Dear Parents + Guardians


We have had another busy week in Ruby Class, where we have been looking at the reproductive cycles of plants.  In addition, we have explored the benefits of Fairtrade and written persuasive leaflets encouraging more people in Britain to buy these products in order to help farming communities in developing countries.


This week’s super Stars of the Week are:


Joel P:  Some brilliant subtraction work in Maths.

Josie W: Great writing using relative clauses.


I have also given our School Values Certificate this week to Louena H. for Thinking Deeply, as she checked and edited her leaflet to ensure that she met the success criteria of the lesson and had included many of the persuasive features, which were identified on our English Working Wall, to make her writing more emotive.


A huge well done to you all!




Mr Downings