Phonics week 1 Opals- Mrs M’s group.

Monday   1.Find sounds on the phase 3 sound mat. Child points to a selection that you say e.g. find ai, ng, er.   2.Revise words for reading: look, are.   3.Diagraph of day: ai Spell: wait, pain, tail, bait. Read the caption I am in the rain.  4. Spell the words: Up, Mum.Tuesday   1.Child writes digraphs. Any on phase 3 sound mat after you have said them.   2.Revise words for reading: now, all.   3.Diagraph of day: oa Spell: loaf, toad, oak, foal. Read the caption The coat is too big.   4.Spell the words: Dad, of.    Wednesday   1.Find sounds on the phase 3 sound mat.  2. Revise words for reading: her, down.   3.Diagraph of day: ar Spell: bar, park, card, jar. Read the caption Mark and Carl got wet in the rain.   4.Spell the words: Him, his.    Thursday   1.Make Digraph/ trigraph flash cards using sounds on phase 3 sound mat. Trigraphs are igh, ure, air, ear. Practise sounds shown on cards.   2.Revise words for reading: then, them.   3.Trigraph of day: igh Spell: high, sigh, light, night. Read the caption The night is not light.   4.Spell the words: No, go.  Friday   1.Write digraphs. Any on phase 3 sound mat.   2.Revise words for reading: they, that.   3.Diagraph of day: ur Spell: fur, burn, burp, curl. Read the caption The surf was good today.   4.Spell the words: put, back.    
Mrs M’s group for letters and sounds. Summer 1 2020.
You will need to print off from Twinkl, a phase 3 sound mat if there isn’t one in your pack, and some phase 3 flash cards. If you have a white board and pens use them, if not a pencil and paper is fine. A digraph is two letters making one sound e.g. ng, ar, er, ai. A trigraph is three letters making one sound- air, igh, ure, ear.