Opals week 1 -home learning plan

Weekly planner EYFS wb; 23.3.20.

*Play dominoes and talk about the odd and even spots.
*Go outside and find odd/even numbers of pebbles/daffodils etc.
*Sort dominoes into odd and even spots.
*Use groups of objects e.g. pegs – challenge children to find all the collections that have an even number.
*Have a picnic with your teddies. Share out dried pasta for example. Is it a fair share? Can the pasta always be shared fairly into two equal groups?
*Complete the odds and evens sheet.
*Draw a chalk number line 1-10. Look at the odd and even pattern- go beyond this in teen numbers.
*Is there an odd or even number of people in your house? What about pets?
*Practise letters and sounds on your sound mat.
*Read to a grown-up.
*Share a story book together.
*Practise your tricky words- reading and writing them. (3 a day).
*Read an e-book on book club.
*Have a go at ‘Phonics Play’ – some games are free.
Linked topic/literacy work- *Children to watch the ‘Rosie Revere Engineer’ video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sNVhNThxcc&safe=active Talk to the children about what someone who is an engineer does- they imagine and create a solution to a problem. Children to write a sentence about what they Rosie invented or what an engineer does-see writing frame below. Then discuss how when we wanted to try and fly to the moon, engineers and scientists created rockets for us be able to discover new things. Children can sing the ‘Zoom Zoom Zoom’ song https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/watch/numberblocks-zoom-zoom-zoom. The children can then design their own rocket- see sheet below. Watch the ‘Not a box’ video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nif94VQ4Xsc&safe=active . Provide the children with a box and a range of recycling and allow them to be an engineer and create their own invention. Extra activity- Can the children design and invent their own boat that a toy can sit in? You can use tinfoil or corks to create this.   https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t-a-353-design-a-space-rocket-activity-sheet https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t-c-254375-engineering-page-border-pack  
Understanding the World- Technology
*We have been thinking about technology. Write a short list of the technology/devices in your house. Which is your favourite?
*If you have a computer with a mouse, play a short game, practising your mouse skills.
*Listen to a story c-d- add headphones if you have them.
*With permission, use an I-pad, tablet, camera, to take photos of technology in your house.
Expressive Arts and Design-
*Can you find an app which lets you design/draw your own picture on a computer/tablet etc?
*Can you make a piece of art work using buttons, bottle tops, lolly pop sticks etc? Change it as many times as you like.
*Find a song you like. Practise singing it. Can you add a dance? Perform it to the people you live with.
*Listen to some of your favourite nursery rhymes, then sing them to your teddy, brother, sister.
Physical Development-
*Play catch with someone in your family. Can you bounce catch? Bounce against the wall and catch? Dribble a ball with your foot? Roll a ball and chase it?
*Learn how to skip. Ask someone you live with to teach you.
*Play a chasing/racing game with your brother/sister.
*Walk your pet with a grown-up.
*Practise using scissors to cut out pictures from magazines, comics etc. *Don’t forget to hold your pencil correctly! Practise writing some tricky words/high frequency words with you pen/pencil. (A few a day).
Communication and Language/Personal Social Emotional Development-
*Play a sociable game/jigsaw with family members and practise taking turns and sharing out the pieces.
*Retell a favourite story to someone in your family.
*Have a treasure hunt. Listen to, and follow instructions from someone in your family to find the treasure.