Opal’s home learning 13th July 2020

Week 7 summer 2 2020

This is our last week of school! I am not going to plan anything new for this week as we are going to spend two days finishing topic work, phonics, reading and handwriting and two days doing fun activities like a party, film and picnic! Please use this week to go back through all of the work I have planned for you this term and complete anything you didn’t have time for e.g. topic work. Go over any phonics work or maths you think your child needs to revise. I will put some new phonics work on for you as well. Here is the handwriting for this week:

Handwriting- Yy and Zz formation. Practise writing in upper case, Y Z and lower case y z.

Continue to make your summer scrap book of all the lovely things you have done so far, adding pictures of yourself working at home, things you have found or collected, drawings and writing you have done. Cut them out, label them. Have fun making it personal to you! Decorate the front cover with your favourite things!

Thank you so much for all your hard work and your perseverance! You are all stars!