Mrs M’s phonics group week 2

Mrs Mallender’s phonics group week 2:

Diagraph- two letters making one sound e.g. ng, ar, er, ai.

Trigraph- three letters making one sound- ure, ear, igh, air.


1.Practise any digraph/trigraph flash cards.

2.Revise words for reading: this, you.

3.Diagraph of day: ow

Spell: sow, how, town, down.

Read the caption

I can see a big cow.

4.Spell the words: the, got.


1. Make up a game to practise words for reading- then, them, they, that, this, you. You could write them on paper and cover them, then take turns to pick one up and read it. Mix up and repeat.


Pain, cart, high, goat, how, turn.

3.Practise words for spelling-

The, got, put, back, no, go.


1. Find sounds on the phase 3 sound mat. Adult says the sound, child finds them. 10 sounds to find.

2.Revise words for reading: too, for.

3.Diagraph of day: oi

Spell: coil, oil, foil, soil.

Play yes/no game:

Can I see an owl? Can I go to town? Can I see a cow? Child reads the sentences and then answers yes or no.

4.Spell the words:

Get, to.


1.Write digraphs. Adults says up to 12 digraphs. Child remembers what they look like and writes them down.

2.Revise words for reading: my, with.

3.Diagraph of day: ear

Spell: dear, fear, hear, clear.

Read the caption

I can hear an owl hoot at night.

4.Spell the words:

Go, no.


1.Find sounds on the phase 3 sound mat. Find and point.

2.Revise words for reading: will, was.

3.Diagraph of day: er

Spell: her, fern, herd.

Read the captions

Can you put the mixer on? Can she see a herd of cows?

4.Spell the words:

Can, into.