Making Stone Age Tools

As part of our Tribal Tales topic in Creativity, Year 3 + 4 have been investigating what life was like throughout the Stone Age period.  We have compared the lives of early hunter gatherers with that of later Neolithic farmers and discussed which period in Stone Age history that we would prefer to have lived in, giving reasons based on what we have learnt.


As part of this interesting topic, we have looked at a variety of primary and secondary sources to find out how people in the Stone Age hunted food and protected themselves from danger.  We used research artefacts discovered by archaeologists at burial sites e.g. flint axes, and bow + arrows, to help us design and make our own Stone Age tools/weapons.  We foraged around the school grounds for suitable natural materials such as sticks, leaves and rocks to help us make them.


Using our sketches and materials, we worked in teams to create tools and weapons such as: axes, arrows, bows and spears.


Which tool do you think you would need if you lived in the Stone Age – why?