letters and sounds week 5 Miss Smith’s group

Miss Smith’s group- letters and sounds- week 5. 18.5.20.


Revise writing phase 3 sounds.

Introduce Phase four tricky words. X5. Do, so, little, what, like.

Play quick write using paper and pencil or white board and pen. Write it as quickly as you can.

bl words-

Blue, black, blob, bleep.


Phase 3 sounds flash card revision- timed. Can you beat your time/score next time you play?

Phase four- tricky words. Introduce x3 more.

Said, come, out.

Quick write – cr words-

Creep, crab, cram, crib.


Revise writing phase 3 sounds.

Revise said, little, so, out. TW.

Quick write- sl words-

Slow, slip, sleep, slam.


Phase 3 flash card revision- timed.

Revise do, what, like, come.

Quick write- tr words-

Tree, tram, track, train.


Phase 4 tricky word bingo. (Twinkl) or make your own.