If you're a bit confused about what to do in when you bring your child to school in the mornings, here a few guidlines, we hope they help.

The Routine for Class 1:

  • Arrive school between 8:30am and 8:45am.
  • Put coat and PE bag on named peg.
  • Take reading book and reading record (read and commented on) out of book bag and put in book tray, put bag in adjacent tray.
  • Put water bottle with other water bottles in classroom.
  • Go and find the "Golden Time" board - choose an activity with your child (they get to choose an activity for Friday afternoons).
  • Head back to Class 1 and find a friend.
  • Kiss goodbye and….run for it! Hanging around really doesn't help your child settle in.

Books will be changed on anyday except Friday.

Please don't drive up the driveway - as this can be very dangerous when all the children are arriving.

Mrs Mallender is not onsite on Fridays and Mrs Bagshaw will take the class.

We hope this helps, but please come and see Mrs Mallender if you have any questions.