Home Learning: Wednesday 25th March 2020

Dear Parents, Guardians and Children


Please find attached below today’s Home Learning Activities for pupils in Sapphire Class (Year 3 + 4).  Also attached, are the Maths activities for ALL pupils in Year 3 + 4.



Sapphire Class – English (25.03.2020)



Sapphire Class – Year 3 Maths (25.03.2020)

Sapphire Class – Year 4 Maths (25.03.2020)

Year 3 Power Maths Answer Book (Unit 8)

Year 4 Power Maths Answer Book (Unit 9)



Sapphire Class – Reading (25.03.2020)



Sapphire Class – Creativity (25.03.2020)


NB: If you do not have the materials for today’s Creativity session in your home – due to the current restrictions on movement and essential travel –  DO NOT WORRY ABOUT COMPLETING IT AND DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ATTEMPT TO COMPLETE THE TASK BY GOING OUTSIDE UNNECESSARILY AND BUYING MATERIALS.


This topic work will be set for the remainder of the week (Thursday + Friday) to be completed where possible.




Mr Downings