Home Learning: Friday 27th March 2020

Dear Parents, Guardians + Children


First of all, I would like to say thank you for all your kind messages of support and a massive well done to you all!  The ‘Clap for our Carers’ last night was amazing and the sense of community spirit, especially where I live in Chapel, was quite emotional to say the least – we are all indeed living history.


You have all done brilliantly in such strange new circumstances.  Please don’t worry if you and your adult are finding that the activities set are a bit tricky or taking longer than you think they should – with the help of your adult, you can take things at your own pace (like in school sometimes – a task might take 2 lessons – and I always think it is better spending a little bit more time on something you are unsure about anyway!) Other activities are still there for you to access when you are ready.


I have also really enjoyed seeing and hearing about all the great things you have been doing at home this week, so I have included some of the photographs you have sent to me below.  Finally, I hope you’re all still keeping fit with Joe Wicks at 9am every morning (I’m really looking forward to my Joe Wicks session at school this morning with the children that can come in!)  I am hoping to send out details for our virtual Google Classroom (hopefully later today) so watch out for this.  Once you have logged in to Google Classroom, please leave me a comment on our page to show me that your log on details work!  Some of you still need to ask an adult to email me their contact details to: mark.downings@bishoppursglove.derbyshire.sch.uk  so that you can still access any work set by school. I won’t set any activities on Google Classroom until everyone in Sapphire Class has access to it.  I will let you know when I do!



Please find attached, today’s Home Learning Activities for pupils in Sapphire Class (Year 3 + 4).  Also attached, are the Maths activities for ALL pupils in Year 3 + 4.


English + Reading


I am combining English + Reading today by setting a Reading Comprehension Activity about the Digestive System.  There are 3 different worksheets and information sheets all starred  (*) (**) (***) according to the detail needed in your answers.  Try the information and answer sheet marked with (***) for a challenge!  There are separate answer sheets included too, so that you can mark them afterwards.


If you can’t print off your answer sheet – write your answers in your exercise book in sentences instead.


Sapphire Class – English + Reading (27.03.2020)




Today, I would like you to spend some time practicing your Multiplication (and Division) facts by logging on to Times Table Rockstars.

Alternatively, use the following links to play times tables games online at:







Creativity is the final day to continue completing your Digestive System models.

NB: If you do not have the materials for this Creativity session in your home – due to the current restrictions on movement and essential travel –  DO NOT WORRY ABOUT COMPLETING IT AND DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ATTEMPT TO COMPLETE THE TASK BY GOING OUTSIDE UNNECESSARILY AND BUYING MATERIALS.


I hope you all have a ‘good’ and more importantly, a safe and healthy weekend!




Mr Downings