Home Learning – Friday 27th March


You have worked really hard this week and I thought you needed a treat, so I’ve decided that we should all go on a school trip today!

As part of our Darwin’s Delights topic, we are going to Chester Zoo.

Obviously we’re not allowed to leave our houses, so things will be a bit different, but I hope everyone has a fantastic day.

Chester Zoo are having a virtual open day today and at different times they’ll be showing you different animals

10:00 👉 Red pandas 🐼
11:00 👉 Rothschild’s giraffes 🦒
12:00 👉 Asian elephants 🐘
13:00 👉 Butterflies 🦋
14:00 👉 Sun bears 🐻
14:30 👉 Sumatran tigers 🐅
14:45 👉 Humboldt penguins 🐧
16:00 👉 Aquarium* 🐠

It will all take place on facebook Live, so I do need you to get your parents to help you out with this one. But if you can, go to www.chesterzoo.org and follow the link.

If you want to draw some pictures of the animals, find out facts about them or write a diary of your visit, that would be fantastic.

Also, if you can’t get on facebook, you could still find out about these animals and draw some pictures of them by exploring Chester Zoo’s fantastic website at https://www.chesterzoo.org/our-zoo/animals/

Mr Downings will still have set the Year 4’s some maths, so Year 4’s, find out what it is on the sapphire page and Year 5 and 6’s have a blast on TT Rockstars.

Finally, if you want to really make it feel like a school trip, why not make a packed lunch and carry it around in you backpack all day?

So please have a fantastic day, don’t sit on the back row of the bus, and enjoy yourselves.

Have a great weekend. Thanks to everyone that’s logged in to Google Classroom. All your work will be in there from Monday.