Friends of School – Latest News

For the last few years, school budgets have been reduced significantly. It has been prominently reported in national news as schools struggle to balance their budgets and we are no different. Every year it gets harder to balance the budget as services we need as a school get more expensive.

At Bishop Pursglove, we spend the majority of our budget on:

  • Staff costs (90%)
  • Services from Derbyshire County Council E.g. Health & Safety, HR, Legal, Payroll, Behaviour Support
  • Sports Association
  • Basic stationary items E.g. books, pencils, glue sticks etc.

Once all of these are paid there is nothing eft so the fund raising Friends of School do is a lifeline for school to purchase the little luxuries that make such a difference to the children at Bishop Pursglove. They pay yearly for the pantomime which the children absolutely love and for the Easter Eggs which the children love receiving at the end of the Easter Egg Hunt.

In previous years, FoS have purchased class cameras, netbooks, iPads, resources for Reception, Power Maths text books and a significant contribution to the KS2 climbing frame. All the items including the Maths books are appreciated by the children and are well used.

New playground area at the front of school

We are pleased to announce that the children have finalised their ideas for the play equipment for the front of school. They have chosen a range of equipment including:

  • Trim trail
  • Traversing climbing wall
  • Covered area to chill
  • Basketball posts
  • Gfound Graphics such as running track and maze
  • Outdoor seating

Fundraising for these improvements will continue this year, with the next event being an “Auction of Promises” in the Spring. The equipment should hopefully transform what is currently just an empty area of school grounds into an exciting and stimulating play area. We hope it will benefit and enrich the lives of all the children at the school.

Please feel free to join us at our next meeting (we will update you of a time and date when the meeting is booked, but it is likely to be one evening in Jan/Feb at a pub in Tideswell) to help plan the “Auction of Promises”.

Please check the FOS noticeboard and Facebook page for updates. If you would like to be added to the FOS WhatsApp group, please contact Ruth: 07966 797 126 or Kerry: 07738 568 800. If you know of, or are a part of any local businesses who would like to be involved in donating prizes for this event, please let Mrs Kilford or one of the FOS volunteers know.

Your support and input with this fundraising project is very much appreciated. Thank you!