Emerald Stars of the week

Our work in RE week has been about incarnation: God with us, in the form of baby Jesus. We have looked at nativity sets from around the world, created our own group nativity scenes, made wordles and compared the different accounts of the birth of Jesus from Matthew and Luke.

I have chosen Lucy as our first star of the week. She is the most amazing friend! Lucy is kind, fun to be around and plays exciting games. She is trustworthy and shows great care for others.

Lolita has worked super hard in RE this week. She knows the story of incarnation and the nativity inside out and has done a superb retelling. Well done!

I have chosen Hester for our values certificate for thinking deeper. She has asked some well thought out questions in RE, which got us all thinking! We looked closely at Boticelli’s painting of the ‘Mystic Nativity’ and tried to find clues about the nature of the baby that was born in the stable. Hester was great at spotting details in the painting and using information from the story to explain why the painter had included them. Wow!