Emerald Stars

I am so proud of how all the children have thrived, back in school through a very long half term/ They have achieved so much and are facing challenges with great resilience.

This week our focus has been RE and we have learned about Muslims and their beliefs.


I have been particularly impressed with Freddie and his desire to reach higher this week. We were thinking about what makes a good leader and why people follow the Prophet’s (PBUH) example. Freddie was able to interpret some of his sayings and talk about how they are good advice for life.

I am also amazed by Logan’s reading. We did a quiz where he had to work independently to answer written questions. Logan approached this with great confidence and put in huge efforts to get to the end.

Lucy is a valued member of our class and someone who shows our values in everything she does. This term she has shone out as an example of loving wider. I have been amazed by her patience with others, always including them in her games, listening well when she works with a learning partner and being respectful to all. Well done, Lucy!