Derby Open Centre Visit – Understanding the Islamic Faith Workshops

As part of our RE unit on Islam, Derby Open Centre visited school and we took part in some fantastic workshops run by Samantha, the Derby Open Centre Manager, where we learnt about Islamic Wedding Ceremonies and cooked Chana Curry using chickpeas.


As part of the Islamic Wedding Workshop, we got to dress up in traditional costumes and compared the ceremony to those in other faiths, including Christianity.  During the Cookery Workshop, we worked in teams to cut and prepare ingredients such as: dough, basil, onions and tomatoes.


We also painted our hands using traditional henna dye, based on the patterns we had practised in our sketch books during our Art lessons.  The workshops gave us an opportunity to develop our learning from our RE lessons – where we had studied the layout of a mosque and compared it to a Christian church, the 5 Pillars of Islam and the importance of the Hajj Pilgrimage to Muslims.


Below, are some photographs of our experiences during the day.  Which part do you think we enjoyed the most?