Class 2 Homework Letter

Dear Parents

Now that we have settled into the new school year, here are a few ways your child can extend their learning at home.

Each child now has an account set up on our Active learn system which can be accessed at home. (Login details on a separate slip) Your child has been allocated a number of e-books to read at leisure. These books are within your child’s current reading stage and they are a fun way to earn merit points (Gold) within the system. This can then be spent perhaps buying access to a new game.

Maths homework is also allocated to your child through this system. At year 2 the homework is a fun interactive game which consolidates the maths work done in class. Again, merit points are given and your child can choose how to spend them. The children are very motivated by these rewards and the format used is similar to a lot of the popular games aimed at this age group. Please try to ensure your child has time and support to access these lovely resources; it really is a fun way to learn.

Next terms spellings have been sent home and these will be tested on Fridays. The grid is split into sections of six weeks. A list of ten words can be found in each section. The different colours are there to alert the children of any spelling patterns or tricky words within the list. This is just to help. The children will be rewarded with a raffle ticket for each correct spelling (a real motivator it seems!) and the raffle will be drawn after the test each Friday.

Many thanks for your support in listening to your child read each night. This helps them to progress enormously with their school work and is a great way to be involved with their learning.

I hope you have a lovely break and rest up ready for the busy and exciting Christmas term.

Karina Askew