Year 3 + 4 – Soil Investigation

As part of our Rocks, Relics and Rumbles topic, we have been studying how the Earth is formed.  After identifying the layers of the Earth (Crust, Mantle, Outer Core and Inner Core), and the types of rocks that can be found around our planet, we began to think about what the ground around us is…

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Friends of School – Latest News

For the last few years, school budgets have been reduced significantly. It has been prominently reported in national news as schools struggle to balance their budgets and we are no different. Every year it gets harder to balance the budget as services we need as a school get more expensive. At Bishop Pursglove, we spend…

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BPS – Year 3 + 4 (Sapphire Class) Newsletter (Spring Term)

Dear Parents/Guardians   Welcome back – I hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas Break!  Many thanks for all your kind gifts – I will still probably be finishing them come Easter.   Please find attached, a copy of our Year 3 + 4 Class Newsletter for the forthcoming term.  We will be learning…

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