Big Cats in Years 1 and 2

This week we have been continuing our ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’ theme and the children have completed some brilliant work.

In Year 1 we have read the book ‘Dear Zoo’ and have thought about what our perfect pet would be like. We made our own lift the flap pages in our big exercise books.

In maths we have continued with numbers to 10 and have worked really hard on comparing numbers using the words smallest, greatest, least, most, more than, greater than, less than and smaller than. We have used the < > and = symbols. The children are getting confident at this.

For Year 1 homework please play a quick game with your children. Name two numbers (only up to 10). Can your child say a number that is between them? This could be done by making a number track too so your children can see the numbers to help them.

In Year 2 the children have written tiger information books. They wrote captions to match photographs and have also labelled their own tiger pictures. We set them the challenge of adding noun phrases into their work – eg. the stripy tiger, blue eyes, thick coat. For homework  why not play a game where you choose an object and describe it using noun phrases. Can they think of more than one adjective?

In maths we have also been comparing numbers using similar language to Year 1. We have had the added challenge of working with numbers to 100!

In the afternoons we have been busy! In dance we are creating sequences of movement using scarves. We have learned more about different big cats and had a go at finding the continents they live in by going to different research stations to find the right information. Mrs Bingham set up some painting and we tried to make life size big cats in groups. On Thursday we were looking at different parts of our bodies and how we compare to a tiger. We drew labelled diagrams in our books and enjoyed lots of different activities to help us compare and name body parts.


In RE we have been thinking about belonging. We are so proud to belong to BPS and made bracelets to show off our school values.