A great week in Year 1 and 2.

This week in Year 1  our story has been the Tiger who Came to Tea. We have looked at a tiger fact book and then written our own captions.

In the afternoons Years 1 and 2 have been sorting and classifiying different animals by their appearance. We worked hard at lots of different activity stations to sort the animals and insects as well as trying to spot the odd one out of a group. The children were great at this and some could even sort by the animals’ habitats or diets. We have looked at animal camouflage and conducted an experiment to see if bright or dull colours are best for helping animals to hide. To do this we hid and hunted for lots of different coloured paper butterflies outside.


In maths this week Year 1 have continued working on numbers to 10. We have used the < and > signs as well as the = sign to compare groups. This is something we will continue with next week. Please have a go at ‘Clam Collector’ on activelearn for your homework.

Year 2 continue to work with numbers to 100 are looking at place value. Please have a go at ‘Starfish Strike’ on activelearn for your homework.  We will continue with Guided Reading next week and will set reading targets in diaries next week.

Don’t forget, harvest festival is at church on Friday at 9.15. Our orange newsletter has details of what to bring if you would like to make any food donations. We hope to see you there!

Have a lovely weekend!